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Photo Expert  Prepaid Slide Scan Box  

Does Grandpa have boxes and boxes of old slides in the attic? Was Dad a big fan of Kodachrome?

Share the images they captured with our large quantity slide scanning service. Our slide scanner is magnificent and will provide sharp, detailed, colour corrected scans from your slides. Get cheap slide scans for as low as $0.35 each! Premium quality + low, low price = an unbeatable combination!

To have your slides scanned is easy. Our prepaid, flat-rate, slide box is available to all residents of Canada and offers an economical way to have large volumes of 35mm slide scans burned onto archival DVDs. We can scan 35mm Kodachrome slides, Ektachrome slides, Fujichrome slides and any other 35mm slide film. We use only top quality archival DVDs to preserve your memories. Many customers choose to have their images saved to USB flash drives in addition to DVDs which can be purchased for a nominal fee.

The slides do not have to be in our box to get our great rates. We can scan directly from carousels and Kodak slide boxes.

*slide rotation is an addtional $20
  • All slides scanned at a 300 dpi resolution (good for a decent 8x10 from a 4x6 print).
  • One Cd or DVD included in the box price. If you would like your files on hard drive or USB drive, please let us know and we will let you know the cost.
  • Our high end software corrects images and improves colours. Images are rotated.
  • Your photos are never shipped out of country to be scanned. All scanning is completed by Photo Expert staff at our Delta Location.


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